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Training Programs and Outcomes

Training Programs & Learning Outcomes – Universally applicable to all regular full-time training system, part-time training system and second - degree programs.

+ For first university degree of full-time training system:  applicable from 2008; English proficiency: applicable from 2009 (International certificate: equivalent to TOEIC - 450)

+ For part-time training system: applicable from 2009 (omitted the subject of military training, physical training, English with special requirements)

+ Full-time second degree program: applicable from 2010, special requirements will be agreed by Academic Committee and send notice to candidates afterwards

In the harmony with other universities in the country, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT) has been reaching the important milestone and heading for the integration into the environment of international university education. 

In the framework of reconstructing training programs at undergraduate and three-year diploma level, HCMUT has successfully constructed “Learning Outcomes” of training programs at the University. This is a crucial and innovative step contributing to the standardization and the upgrading of training quality at the University.

As a leading university of engineering, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology – Vietnam National University, HCMC has followed training models and criteria of ABET in USA ( to orient  its training faculties toward  producing the outcomes (see the outcomes under ABET)

In April 2009, all faculties at HCMUT successfully completed upgrading new training programs as well as “Learning Outcomes” of 34 training programs at undergraduate level and 1 training program of three-year diploma level.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineeering (CK)

Faculty of Environment (MO)


 Manufacturing Engineering, 


Environmental Engineering


Construction Machinery & Handling Equipment


 Environmental Management



Faculty of Transportation Engineering (GT)


 Industrial System Engineering


Aeronautical Engineering


 Textile & Garment Engineering


 Automobiles & Combustion Engine Engineering


Heat & Refrigeration Engineering


Naval Architecture & Maritime Engineering

Faculty of Geology & Petroleum Engineering (ĐC)

Faculty of Material Technology (VL)




 Metallic Materials


Petroleum Engineering


 Polymer Materials

Faculty of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (ĐĐ)


 Silicate Materials


 Electronics - Telecommunications

Faculty of Civil Engineering (XD)


 Power Systems Engineering


 Industrial & Civil Construction


 Automatic Control Engineering


 Bridge & Highway Engineering

Faculty of Computer Science & Engineering (MT)


 Port & Coastal Engineering


 Computer Science


 Water Rescources Engineering


Computer Engineering


 Construction Materials

Faculty of Chemical Engineering  (HC)


 Geotechnical Engineering


 Food Technology


 Geomatics Engineering


 Chemical Engineering

School of Industrial Management (QL)




 Industrial Management

Faculty of Applied Sciences (ƯD)

  Industrial Maintenance Training Center  (BD)


 Engineering Mechanics




 Applied Physics




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