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Student Life


Students admitted to the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology are those who not only achieved very good results in the National University Entrance Exam, but also had strong determination and special passion with their chosen majors. With these students, learning professional knowledge, improving job skills and applying what they are learning into reality is the precious key helping them to open the gate of future success. They have high self- disciplines and are always very eager to participate in extracurricular activities. At the same time, the university also provides good conditions for students to freely show up and promote all of their capabilities. In their spare time, students can take part in cultural exchange activities, play some sports, join some team, club, learn new foreign languages or enjoy recreational reading in the library.

With two campuses, one is an 14-hectare campus in inner Ho Chi Minh City, and the other 28-hectare in outskirts of the city; students can easily play sports right inside the campus; such as football, volleyball, basketball, tennis ... In recent years, the students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology have enthusiastically participated in annual  “admissions counseling program” and "Entrance exam support program" at university-level and city- level, helping thousands of candidates to complete the admission procedures to participate in the National entrance examinations. Moreover, when summer comes, HCMUT students also participate in Green summer volunteer campaign at rural areas doing practical and helpful activities such as building roads and bridges, home repairing, literacy teaching for children,...

In addition, during the academic year, students can meet the representatives from many foreign and domestic businesses through annual Job Fair, Science and Technology Workshops, soft skills training; helping students to improve their ability to meet the needs of their future career. Together with expert knowledge; students are also nourished with compassion, social responsibility, as well as community spirit by the ideal and friendly learning environment of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology.


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