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International Relations


HCMUT places a top priority to establish and maintain international links with overseas universities and research organizations. The global economy has accelerated the diffusion of knowledge across nation’s boundary. As a result, the education has shifted toward becoming internationalized. As such, the process of globalization in higher education has created opportunities for international collaborations on many disciplines from cultural exchange to scientific research and training. In order to further enhance quality training, keeping with international development, and to expand research activities, HCMUT is ready and working toward expanding its international relations and collaborations. Many of the staff exchange programs have proven successful in providing the university with talented teaching staff who returns to HCMUT to serve students and conduct research effectively. Exchange programs at HCMUT consist of (1) joint research programs, (2) academic exchange programs to include co-hosting conferences, workshops, summer and winter schools, (3) staff exchange programs to include both teaching and research staff who will take assignments in laboratories or organizations of mutual interests.

Annually, on average, a number of students of HCMUT have won valuable scholarships to pursue their studies at undergraduate or/and postgraduate level in foreign universities and/or institutes in all over the world, especially in Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, and the Unites States.

HCMUT regularly invites visiting professors from abroad to teach certain advanced topics and conduct research, or to offer seminars. These activities provide opportunities for students to be in contact with different teaching methods and to learn new knowledge. A number of visiting professors from France, Australia, United States, Germany, Korea, England, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium, Thailand, Indonesia, Norway, Holland, India, and Poland have come HCMUT to teach a variety of courses or to offer seminars on a number of topics. Recently, the university has opened its door to accept those foreign students under agreements with their universities, especially those in their final year who were attached to a number of laboratories in HCMUT to work on their graduation projects. Those foreign students come from Griffith University-Australia; École de Saint-Cyr Coetquidan, University of Paris XI, École Central de Lyon –France; University of Heidelberg, Trier University of Applied Sciences - Germany, etc,…

Recently, there have increased overseas grant projects which have been conducted at HCMUT or which HCMUT has participated in as a member. These include two Japanese ODA funded projects and one World Bank project.

HCMUT has signed numerous agreements of collaboration with universities abroad. These include more than 100 MOUs with universities and organizations from many countries- Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, The United States, Thailand, etc….

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