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National Key Lab for Polymer & Composite

To meet the high need of advanced materials serving the industrialization and modernization of the country, the Ministry of Sciences and Technology and Vietnam National University come to a decision to establish the National Key Lab of Polymer & Composite which is under the administration of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology in 2003. With total investment capital from the Government budget, the lab is a leading one in the field of Polymer & Composite in Vietnam.


  • Impacting on the growth of a range of new technologies and emerging industries serving the modernization & industrialization of Vietnam.
  • Conducting fundamental researches on emerging technology and product development in new advanced polymers and high performance polymers and composites.
  • Conducting researches and designing equipments used in polymer and composite product manufacture.
  • Training and fostering high quality human resources in research activities, manufacturing and industries.
  • Cooperation in research with individuals and organizations inside and outside the country.
  • Carrying out the services in polymers and composites.
  • Applying and transferring new technologies to communities.

Focus Areas of Research

  • Developing in the fundamental researches:
  • New advanced materials, high performance polymers: Electrically high temperature materials; electrically insulating polymers; high strength/high modulus materials; …
  • Nanocomposite materials on polymeric matrices.
  • Electrically semi-conductive and conductive polymers.
  • Biodegradable, biomedical polymers and biocomposites.
  • Structural and multifunctional polymers…
  • Carrying out applied researches:
  • Researches on using of local raw materials as sisal fibres and other natural fibres in making friendly polymeric and composite products.

Developing the synthesis/processing technologies to industries producing the products serving social economy and living: rural irrigation; transportation; chemical industries and other fields.  


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