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Faculty of Transportation Engineering

  • Department of Automotive Engineering
  • Department of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
  • Department of Aerospace Engineering


Brief History & Mission

Founded on June 15th 2000, the Faculty of Transportation Engineering is a combination of Department of Automotive Engineering (1976), Department of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (1990) and Department of Aerospace Engineering  (1996). The Faculty of Transportation Engineering – Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology is one of the leading scientific research and technology transfer center in the field of transportation engineering in Vietnam. The faculty’s aim is to train and to provide qualified human resources with solid knowledge and professional skills in relevant engineering fields to meet the increasingly high requirements of diverse activities of R&D, design, manufacture and operation of vehicles in the country.

Staff    & Facilities

The Faculty has 41 staff members. In addition to main laboratories related to each specific department, since 2004 the internal combustion engine laboratory (ICELab) with modern equipments from AVL List GmbH (Republic of Austria) has come into operation for graduate training program, scientific research as well as technology transfer.


Focus Areas of Research

  • Automotive Dynamics, Design, Simulation. Thermal Engine Dynamics, Design, Simulation
  • Environmental Pollutions and Alternative fuels for transportation vehicles (LPG, CNG, Biodiesel, Biogas…)
  • Combustion process simulation
  • Public Transportation System in the populous cities
  • Technical & production design of conventional ship, design and prototyping of special boats
  • Ship hull modeling for CAD/CAM, numerical methods of ship strength, vibration,…
  • Marine propulsion system & equipment, bio-fuel for marine diesels
  • Measurement and NDT in ship (vibration, noise, welding inspection, temperature, strain,             electromagnetic field, dynamic balancing,…)
  • Computational fluid dynamics (RANS, LES, DES, DNS)
  • Autonomous aero-vehicle, flight control systems
  • Fluid structure interaction, fracture & damage of composites material
  • Design of ultra-light aircrafts (2~4 seats, seaplane & airplane)


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