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Industrial Maintenance Training Center (IMTC)

The Industrial Maintenance Training Center is established in 1996. It is the result of Vietnamese-French collaborative training program namely “Training the senior technicians” in order to meet the needs of Vietnam industries in the industrial maintenance field. IMTC adopts the training model currently applied in IUTs (Instituts Universitaires de Technologie) – France. Since 2002, IMTC admission is based on candidates’ expectations and the scores of the annual national entrance exam consisting Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Tests. IMTC is entrusted with the mission to provide bachelors of technical college – highly qualified technicians in industrial maintenance through practical study in modern laboratories. The three-year training program covers specialized topics in mechanical engineering, welding, pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical and electronic engineering, refrigeration, air conditioning and automation. In addition, IMTC provides technical advisory, maintenance, repair and development of machines and industrial equipments. Furthermore, IMTC provides industrial employees with the additional training to improve their skills and update the new technology. IMTC also give the consultants to the vocational training centers as well as build training model and transfer training programs.


The activities of IMTC relate to the fields:

  • Electric technology: basics of electricity, consumer or industrial electricity.
  • Power electronics and digital electronics.
  • Hydraulic technology (devices based on fluid power).
  • Pneumatic technology.
  • Automation system using PLC (programmable logic control), pneumatics and hydraulics.
  • Heating ventilation air conditioning and refrigeration system.
  • Mechanical technology: assembly, adjustment, drawings and metrology.
  • Planning and management of maintenance works of production system, instruments and equipments.
  • Welding technologies and equipments.
  • Safety code.


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