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Faculty of Applied Science

  • Division of Applied Mathematics
  • Division of Biomedical Engineering
  • Division of Engineering Mechanics 
  • Division of Applied Physics


History & Mission

As a new division of the HCMUT, The Faculty of Applied Science (FAS) was established in 2003 in an effort to respond the demand of professionals in interdisciplinary hi-tech engineering fields such as biomedical engineering, photonics, engineering mechanics, nanotechnology, computational physics etc.

 The Faculty of Applied Science has a mandate to produce a class of engineers with solid scientific and technical background enabling them to specialize in applied sciences, to perform research and development or especially working in high technology.


Staff    & Facilities

Presently the faculty is grouped into 4 departments and 7 laboratories. The total number of personnel is 55 including 1 Prof., 5 Assoc. Prof., 16 Senior Lecturers. FAS has a strong academic research potential from its laboratories especially the Lab of  Laser Technology, the Lab of Applied Mechanics, the Lab of Computational Mechanics and the Lab of Computational Physics. These facilities provide opportunities for practical training while promoting scientific research and technology transfer.


Focus Areas of Research

  • Structure mechanics, fracture mechanics, simulation of the mechanical behavior of material
  • Computational methods and programming in mechanics
  • Low power semiconductor laser equipments for medical treatment
  • Laser application in monitoring system, metrology, optical fiber communication system
  • Vibration, dynamics of machines, measuring and diagnosing systems in mechanics
  • Balancing machines, digital system for strain measurements
  • Simulation of structure of liquid and amorphous materials
  • Simulation of pressure – temperature induced phase transition in liquid and amorphous oxides
  • Biomedical signal and image processing


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