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  •  Logo meaning:
    •  A 3D block.
    •  Formed from the center is a hexagon which is inscribed circle. Architecture structure likes the beehive (the beehive can be considered as a simple architecture and science). The beehive also means the hard working, diligence, strength, and the creation of the University of technology.
    •  The surrounding blocks represents Bach Khoa’ faculties. When you looked at each section like a book.
  • Technical requirements:
  • How to draw:
  • Center logo: hexagon is inscribed circle. All edges are equal and equal hexagon’s R.
  • The edge of Lozenge to be contiguous with the edges of the hexagon are equal to the edge of the hexagon.
  • Logo Color:
    • Dark blue color: RGB scheme: R = 3, G = 43, B = 145.
    • Light blue: R = 20, G = 136, B = 219.
    • If the logo placed on a white background color: The stroke of logo’ sides are used by white color to highlight the logo on the background. We do not need to draw more borders.
  • The font and color:
  • The font of HCMUT - AVO, center text.
  • The color of the letters BK is used like the logo’s color. R = 3, G = 136, B = 219.
  • The color of the letters HCMC is used like logo’s light blue. R = 20, G = 136, B = 219.




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