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The Strategic Objectives of HCMUT from 2016 to 2020 

1. Vision: 

To become an innovative, pioneering and international integrated university .

2. Mission: 

HCMUT is an autonomous university with the following missions:

• To educate the intellectual human resources with leadership competence;
• To create new knowledge through scientific research and technological transfer;
• To assume and perform social responsibility and community services

3. Strategies:

The specific strategies as follows:

1. Efficiency management and resource development to ensure the transformation into an autonomous university;
2. Development of excellent staff;
3. Educational excellence;
4. Research and Technology transfer excellence;
5. Internationalization, cooperation, community outreach and strong sense of social responsibility.

4. System of core values

HCMUT promotes to the following core values:

• The devotion and core competence of our management, academic staff, and students;
• Creativity and Innovation in education and research;
• Dynamic learning environment and international integration;
• Strong sense of social responsibility and community services;
• Strong linkages between the university, community, and enterprises

5. Educational philosophy: 

“Liberal Art Education; Pioneering in quality, creativity and integration”

The Strategic Objectives of HCMUT from 2011 to 2015 



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