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AUN (ASEAN University Network) was established in 1995 by the Ministers of Education and the Rector of the University of leading Southeast Asia. For purposes: promote collaboration and enhance the quality of training and research among universities in the region and is the focal point for coordination of activities to accomplish the task of building standards and quality of education identify measures of continuous improvement of quality of universities in Southeast Asia.

Currently, there are 30 AUN member universities of 10 countries in the region. In particular, Vietnam has 03 University: Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam National University - Hanoi and Can Tho University.

ASEAN  University  Network-Quality  Assurance  (AUN-QA)  network  is  a  group  of  Chief Quality Officers (CQOs) appointed by the AUN member universities as the focal point for coordinating activities to realise the mission of harmonising educational standards  and  seeking  continuous  improvement  of  academic  quality  of  universities  in  ASEAN.

The  AUN-QA  activities  are  carried  out  by  the  CQOs  in  accordance  to  the  Bangkok Accord  adopted  in  2000,  which  provides  a  series  of  guidelines  to  promote  the development of a quality assurance system as instruments for maintaining, improving and enhancing teaching, research and the overall academic standards of AUN member universities.

AUN-QA Criteria:

1  Expected Learning Outcomes  

2  Programme Specification

3  Programme Structure and Content

4  Teaching and Learning Strategy

5  Student Assessment 

6  Academic Staff Quality

7  Support Staff Quality

8  Student Quality 

9  Student Advice and Support

10  Facilities and Infrastructure

11  Quality  Assurance  of  Teaching  and  Learning

12  Staff Development Activities 

13  Stakeholders Feedback

14  Output

15  Stakeholders Satisfaction

The assessment process by AUN includes three main stages:

(1) Exploring the standards;

(2) Self - assessment;

(3) External assessment.

AUN adopted a 7-point rating scale for its quality assessment. The scaling aims to offer the universities and external assessors an instrument for scaling their verdicts and to see how far they have progressed on the way to meeting the criteria and to see how far quality is assured. The meaning of the value in the 7-point scoring scale is as follows:

1= nothing (no documents, no plans, no evidence) present

2= this subject is in the planning stage

3= documents available, but no clear evidence that they are used

4= documents available and evidence that they are used

5= clear evidence on the efficiency of the aspect

6= example of best practices

7= excellent (world-class or leading practices)

Currently, HCMUT has 06 programs successfully assessed by AUN (6 out of 19 programs in Vietnam) and 06 other programs are preparing SAR and will be accredited in 2015.

The programs assessed by AUN (2009 – 2014):

(1)  Electronic & Telecommunication

(2)  Manufacturing Engineering

(3)  Chemical Engineering

(4)  Civil Engineering

(5)  Control Engineering and Automation

(6)  Industrial Management

Some pictures in the AUN Teams on site visit at the HCMUT:

AUN Teams on site visit at HCMUT, 2014

AUN Teams visited the facilities of HCMUT, 2013.

AUN Teams assessed the Manufacturing Engineering Program, 2011

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