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Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology in Globalized Economy

Established in 1957, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (abbreviated as HCMUT) has become an excellence center of science & technology in Southern Vietnam. When the economy gradually grows, HCMUT has cradled skillful, devoted and creative engineers to the society. Currently, many of HCMUT alumni have been successful holding key position in the society.


Strategically, HCMUT will become a research-oriented university in 2020. HCMUT has improved the strategic plans of training system, technology transfer, collaborative research with industries and universities nationwide and worldwide. Additionally, HCMUT has emphasized both basic to applied research.  


HCMUT assumes the responsibility of training highly-qualified engineers for the country. When globalization spreads its impact around the world, HCMUT unceasingly improves its training quality, nurturing engineers who are proficient in their job and quickly adaptable to the working environment.


Currently, there are 970 HCMUT lecturers. Among them, 3 are professors, 83 associate professors and 365 Ph.D holders. A high percentage of lecturers have been trained at world-renowned universities. HCMUT lecturers are both devoted to their lectures and committed to research in order to improve living quality. Presently, HCMUT houses almost 27.000 students from undergraduate to graduate programs. HCMUT students always make their endeavor to enhance their knowledge and reinforce their skills. With their youthful passion and devotion to knowledge and innovations, HCMUT students pay their time to research in diversified fields. Hence, HCMUT students always achieve top prizes in national competitions such as National Mechanics Olympiad, National Mathematical Olympiad, Robocon, innovation awards from Intel, Texas Tech, AmCham Vietnam...HCMUT students are the forces which secure sustainable development of the university and the country.


Two HCMUT campuses are located at the center of Ho Chi Minh City and in Di An, Binh Duong Province with total 40 hectares. The two campuses were designed in accordance with university model which is prently popular worldwide. The campuses are equipped with large classrooms, auditoriums, sport fields, laboratories and modern libraries.

HCMUT dormitory is considered one of the best in Vietnam. Located at the city center with close distance to the first campus and bus lines connecting to the second campus, the dormitory houses almost 2000 students. It has become a center of cultural exchange for students from different regions in the countries and students from around the world.

Training system

When the economy drastically changes, HCMUT has been adaptive to new ecomonic scenario. HCMUT has pioneered in different areas, including quality assurance, accreditation and innovations in science and technology transfer.   

HCMUT is consisted of 11 faculties. While 10 of 11 faculties focus on engineering and technology, the remaining emphasizes industrial management. Specifically, HCMUT puts its emphasis on key fields such as telecommunications, energy, environment, computer science & technology...Besides, HCMUT has diversified its trainining programs, including full-time and part-time programs, distant programs, Vietnamese – French training program of excellent engineers (PFIEV), twinning programs... HCMUT has been on strong partnership with Illinois University Springfield, Illinois University at Urbana Champaign (United States), University of Adelaide, La Trobe University, University of Queensland (Australia), Nagaoka University of Technology (Japan)... In 2014, HCMUT successfully conducts 6 advanced undergraduate programs in business management, chemical engineering, environment engineering, geology & petroleum engineering, computer science & engineering.

In accordance with scientific and technological development, HCMUT employs E-learning applications in training system. Therefore, HCMUT enforces student-lecturer interactions, improving training quality.


HCMUT hosts 2 national key labs, 7 laboratories and 1 incubator. Additionally, laboratories at faculty level are also well-equipped. HCMUT firmly states that CHMUT is in strong capacity for scientific research and innovations, which helps HCMUT become a research university. HCMUT is in the most feasibility to conduct collaborative research with industries, institute and universities nationally and internationlly. 

International partnership

On one hand, HCMUT remains a strong alumni network. HCMUT alumni are in key position in governmental offices and giant bussinesses. They have bridged the partnership between the university and indutries in and out of the country. On the other hand, HCMUT has become a bench-marked university which international companies usually seek linkage with. Thaco Truong Hai, Tan Hiep Phat, Intel Products Vietnam, Samsung Vina, JFE... have found their good relationship with HCMUT.

International projects

One of the successes in HCMUT international development is the foundation of international project. With diverse goals and missions, international projects have greatly supported HCMUT strategic plan.

AUN/SEED-Net is a collaborative project between leading technology universities in Southeast Asia with Japanese universities. The project focuses on two main missions are training young lecturers and reinforcing research ability for universities in Southeast Asia. The project has sponsored research in different fields. 

Higher Engineering Education Alliance Program (HEEAP) is the collaboration between top universities of engineering and technology in Vietnam with Intel Products Vietnam and Arizona State University. The Project aims at changing theory-based teaching method to the innovative one. The innovative method focuses on learing outcomes. It also focuses on training leadership and enhances administrative effectiveness at Vietnamese universities.  

RESCIF is a research project among 14 French speaking countries. In 2013, RESCIF laid the foundation of Asian Research Center of Water (CARE) which seeks solutions for water resource management in Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta.

While globalized economy greatly impacts every part of society, HCMUT always confirms its leading position in training quality and pioneers in diverse research fields, which supports HCMUT to become a research university.


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