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Asian Total Education Center – ATEC 2014, Bridging the Innovation Gap,

 From HCMUT Student Overview

 “Stop wandering around in your safe zone, step out to see how fast the world is moving.”

My first time to Singapore is my valuable experience when I have chance to attend the ATEC (Asia Total Education Center) 2014 organized by TOTAL company and NUS. During 3 days at the seminars, the 4th year student me have learn a lot while I can meet a lot of interesting people and involve in discussions.

ATEC 2014 is an annual event which is organized between TOTAL company and universities in Asia. It creates an annual platform for representatives of TOTAL ‘s partner universities in Asia to exchange ideas, knowledge and best practices in education as a dedicated effort to bridge the gap between education activities and the reality of enterprises and society. In this 3rd year of the event, ATEC seminar is jointly organized by the Marketing and Services branch – TOTAL Oil Asia – Pacific (Singapore) and National University of Singapore. The objectives of the ATEC seminar 2014 is to identify ideas for bridging the innovation gap between Education and Corporate/ Industry Needs. Moreover, it also aims to turn ideas into collaboration possibilities among TOTAL and attending universities and strengthen relationships between TOTAL and partners universities.

Two days in the seminar mainly focused on the presentation of the TOTAL Delegates and universities Delegates, and an interesting part, Workshop discussion between groups. Workshop to set the agenda for successful innovation strategies in companies in the next 5 – 10 years. Furthermore, it concentrates in the change in role of research institutes and the organization. We were separated into 5 groups, each group would discuss about 1 topic in 5 themes across workshop. Because the seminar this year focuses on innovation, the whole 5 topics including the definition of Innovation, analyzing industry needs, short overview of changes in Innovation Education, identify Innovation gaps and what drives Innovation.

Our group chose topic 2: Industry Needs and what may be the future competitive landscape across different industries. With the involvement of the TOTAL Delegates from the other countries, our group had a really great discussion in a multicultural environment.

The sharing from the team members created the overall picture of the future industries, in which lead to the strategies that the Oil and Gas company. It also was a great honor when I represented for the group to present the 2nd part of the presentation – the solution to adapt the industries needs in next years. Although it had a lot of mistakes, I believed our team performed our best.

The seminar and the people here are great, that’s what I think when I finished my Singapore tour at Changi neWater center – the biggest water treatment plant in Singapore. The ability to innovate and create amazing thing from the shortage here is the example of the drive of innovation. Sometimes when we think about innovation, something very big hit our mind, but actually, after the ATEC, I realized that innovation is something that you combine between demands and creativity to reach the higher level of your ability.  Thank you TOTAL, thank you ATEC gave me a chance to broaden my knowledge at the beautiful Singapore. I hope in the following years, more and more innovation event are organized to maximize the potential ability of the students and companies in the innovation fields.

If you ask me how I get that cool experience at ATEC, the path started when I join the volunteer group of External Relation Department. Being a volunteer means I can participate in international seminars and events held by universities and companies, which brings me the knowledge and skills for the long trip. After the CV screening and interviewing, I was fortunately chosen to be the representative of HCMUT to say hello with ATEC and Singapore. The next one can be you, why not you challenge yourself?

Phan Thi Phuong Thao – Volunteer of ER Department

Class QL 1002 – School of Industrial Management

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