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This logo is inspired by the shape of Chim Lac, a kind of bird only found in stories. Chim Lac has been one of the national symbols of the Vietnamese and the culture for a long time.
The image of the two birds flying up vigorously symbolizes the relentless growth of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT). Furthermore, the birds also represent the image of HCMUT’s teachers guiding, mentoring and watching their students’ steps to assist the young generations on their ways to success.

A noble and meaningful message is conveyed through the logo standing by the birds.  The message is that students graduating from this university  not only have a solid fulcrum to soar their wings, but also will always give a hand to help the university  grow in the stature both nationally and internationally.
This logo resembles the number “55” – the memorable milestone of HCMUT. This is the time to celebrate our remarkable achievements and to take more effort to reach even further.


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