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1. Vision: 

Becoming the leading research-based university in Vietnam, keeping up with highly-qualified universities in Asia in terms of:

- Working, researching and learning environment

- Training quality and curriculum

- Scientific research and technology transfer


2. Mission: 

HCMUT is bound to be the top organization of education and training, scientific research and technology transfer in Vietnam. HCMUT trains highly-qualified engineers, nurtures talents and tremendously contributes to the development of the society and economics. 


3. Strategic Objectives

To create remarkable values to contribute to the community through high-quality training and

educational activities, research and technology transfer, and international collaborations in the 

creative and professional environment


4. Strategic Orientation

In accordance with the Strategic Objectives of HCMUT from 2011 to 2015 and further towards 

2020, on the base of SWOT analysis, the university agrees to

a/ Extend with careful selection the systems, majors, and programs of post-graduate and 

international collaboration

b/ Diversify the teaching and learning methods, research and technology transfer, finance 


c/ Consolidate and improve training quality

d/ Improve the cost – effectiveness of administrative activities, training, research and technology 


e/ Select and develop some strategic areas.

f/ Take advantages of VNU-HCM system’s strengths  and co-operate with other members to 

orientate and develop HCMUT. Actively participate in Ministry of Training and Education’s key 

programs, and to collaborate with other technological universities in the country.


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