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The finale of the contest, namely “Bach Khoa INNOVATION 2018"

The finale of “Bach Khoa Innovation 2018 took place on 8 July with the participation of 14 extraordinary teams who have passed the screening rounds 


Presentations by teams in front of judges

The contest got started in early year 2018 with 119 projects conducted by over 220 students to choose the best teams. The contest aims at encouraging, giving support and instructions to the university students who are involved in innovation, start-ups and scientific research to realize creative ideas.


Comments by judges on the teams’ presentations

As well as valuable prizes while participating into the contest, students were given academic support programs like seminars and workshops on how to give presentations in English instructed by foreign experts, at the same time, how to realize ideas into practical projects…


17 projects being displayed at the yard B4

In the exciting atmosphere of the contest at the yard B4 in the campus, many among 14 teams presented their projects in front of judges, enterprises, lecturers and other students, giving great pleasures to them.  Furthermore, 17 projects were displayed at the contest.


The organizing board giving the 1st prize to the best team, namely Easy App

The contest ended with the three most important awards given to the three most excellent teams, including:

- The 1st prize for Easy location by the team Easy App

- The two 2nd prizes for IoT for everyone by the Blocky and for Convenient Ladder by the Stone.vn

- The two 3rd prizes for Remotely Operated Vehicle by the ROV and Upgrading industrial by the Dreamers


The two teams, namely the Blocky and the Stone.vn who were the winners of the 2nd prize.


The two teams, namely the ROV and The Dreamers who were the winners of the 3rd prize

The value of the awards is 30 millions VND for the 1st prize, 15 millions for the 2nd prize and 10 millions for the 3rd prize. What is more, the top 3 winners will be given a study trip overseas with their supervisors.


The group photo of teams, organizing board and guests taken at the end of the contest

Saying about the contest, teams participating into the contest noted that “the contest is not only an amazing “playing ground” for students who have creative ideas and great passion for start-ups, but also adding fuels making them be ready for start-ups.” And they also do not forget to leave a message to those who missed the contest 2018 is “be well prepared and get ready for the Back Khoa Innovation 2019 which is going to start in late 2018.”

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