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Students getting inspired for science and technology passion via an engineering day

Roughly 3.000 freshmen of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology eagerly joined an engineering day 2018 which took place at the campus 1 (Ly Thuong Kiet, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City) on 13 January, 2018.

The event attracted more than 260 groups of students to join. A number of unique and applicable models designed by creative students were displayed at the event. These models include automatic watering devices, multi-functional conditioners, handed vacuum machines, insect killing machines using colored lights, solar energy vehicles, cigarette smoking filters, smart farms, air flow meters, spine stretching devices, robot arms, ...


Students of Mechanical Engineering introducing their designed model at the event


An image of senior students also joining the event



Students of Electrical and Electronic Engineering introducing their robot model which was also presented in a robot design competition for freshmen.

Not being limited to freshmen, the senior students are also encouraged to join the event. The event offered a great opportunity for students to meet and show their creativeness. The event also served as an open learning space for students and lecturers to be trained with further useful knowledge. The lecturers’ commentaries during the event enable students to well orient themselves as a professional in engineering in the future.


Students of Applied Science presenting their model at the event


Students of Geology and Petroleum Engineering at the event



Students of Chemical Engineering presenting their model at the event

Currently, CDIO approach based 34 fields of study at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology have been developed and implemented. The concept of CDIO is of “Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate” with the total accumulated credits of 140 ± 2. The training curricula designed aims at providing students with overall understanding of expertise as well as skills and professional attitudes. Freshmen who follow the curricula accordingly have to sit the course of “introduction to engineering”, which focuses on the application of CDIO approach at a simple level. During the following academic years, the students then review their achievements adjusting and reinforcing their qualifications making them ready for their careers in the future. This is part of commitment of the university to the training quality for the society contribution.


Students of Civil Engineering feeling excited with the 5th contest, namely “We are civil engineers” and “the 4th science and technology innovation day”


A model designed by students of Civil Engineering and displayed at the event


A model designed by students of Natural Resources and Environment and displayed at the event


Students of Mechanical Engineering presenting their model at the event

As a matter of fact, the event has been held three times at the university on university scale. Historically, the event was first held at the faculty level by faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 2011 for freshmen only. During that event, a model of a vehicle which was run by springs dissembled from a mousetrap instead of gas, electric energy. The engineering day, therefore, enables students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice, realize the preferences for the profession chosen and reinforce their passion for their career in the future. In the years to come, the university will closely work with a technology Incubation center, a university affiliate, to let new ideas by students grow up and commercialize these scientific and technological products when possible. 

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