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It’s the colorful and magnificent cultural performances with Malaysian students which leave HCMUT students in unforgettable impression. Conference Hall B4 becomes exciting and stuff when an enormous number of HCMUT students go see the show.


At 10:00 am on April 4th, 2012 the cultural exchange show between HCMUT and University Kebaangsan Malaysia (UKM) students starts. The show overwhelmingly impresses HCMUT students. UKM delegation is led by the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Students and Alumni Affairs. Together with him, 25 students from Cultural Center have made all the preparation to come and perform Malaysian dances at HCMUT.

The show includes more than 10 folk dances of people living in the beautiful country of Malaysia: the Chinese, Indian and Malay. The performances which have well-prepared costumes and dance techniques completely conquer and inspire the audience. The beauty of traditional dances and the grace of UKM students receive unceasing applause.

The game between HCMUT students and UKM builds a rapport among HCMUT and UKM students. HCMUT students are stirred up when they are invited to join the last dance performance with UKM students.

The show ends in successes. At times, it helps strengthen the relationship between HCMUT and UKM and enables opportunities for future collaboration.

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