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40 scholarships were handed over to excellent students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology by Kanden System Solutions Company, the member of Kansai Electric Power Company (KEPCO) – the second biggest power company in Japan at the lecturing hall 110B6 on 11 September, 2014.

Established in 2012, Kanden SS scholarship aimed at encouraging the students’ academic and scientific research competence. At the same time, the scholarship program also sets the objectives of promotion of human resource development, advancement of technology and cultural exchange activities between Vietnam and Japan. For the purposes, annually the Kanden System Solutions Company is committed to offering 40 scholarships to excellent students of the University with the total value of 2 million Japanese Yen.

Over the past three years, 120 scholarships in total have been awarded to the students with the value of 50,000 Japanese Yen each. The scholarship program gives the students not only valuable financial aids, but also opportunities of job and internship at the company in the future. 

On behalf of the University, the Rector Associate Professor Doctor Vu Dinh Thanh addressed “I highly appreciate the students’ efforts in excellent academic performance and their good characters. The students are good at not only academic performance, English language competence, scientific research activities, but also soft skills and social activities. Their efforts in self-development and inspiration to giving and sharing have contributed to the development of scholarship programs in general and Kanden SS scholarship program in particular. That means that the students’success is in testimony of the fulfilled objective of the scholarship program, at the same time, of the pride of the University. I also wish that you as the students will take more effort to gain more achievements to become potential leaders that would lead the country to further development and experts in the field that would contribute to the development of the country and humankind.”    

Mr. Kimura Shinkaku, executive director of Kanden System Solutions Company expressed “I strongly believe that each of you here has a great ambition and dream on your own. In this regard, should Kanden SS scholarship program partly help you realize your ambition and dream, then I myself feel so happy.”  

On behalf of scholarship recipients, the student Vo Anh Kha delivered the acknowledgment to the sponsor and the University.

In August annually, Kanden System Solutions Company selects 05 excellent students to do short-term internships at the company. Especially, in April 2015 the Company will accept 02 graduates to work for the Company. The outcome is considered as a result of the scholarship and internship programs. Mr. Kimura Shinkaku stressed “We are happy about the outcome and more than that, we hope that in the years to come more excellent students of the University will be accepted to work for the Company. In addition, we wish that those who do not work for the Company will serve as mediators to build the bridge for promotion of the development of relationship and friendship between Vietnam and Japan.”


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